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Class Action Litigation

Representing Nebraska Consumers & Businesses in Class Action Suits

Large numbers of individual consumers and companies alike can be affected by dishonest and illegal business practices. When this happens, a class action lawsuit may be appropriate. With a class action lawsuit, a class of plaintiffs who have the same interests sue the at-fault party. Because the plaintiffs have the same rights and have suffered the same or similar damages, their rights may be more efficiently represented and their damages compensated for as a group instead of a series of individual suits. The group of plaintiffs may have more of an impact working together than alone, and filing their cases together can also help keep excessive amounts of traffic from the court systems.

Nebraska business litigation attorney David A. Domina and the other attorneys at DominaLaw Group have handled class action litigation against some of the largest corporations in America. We are selective in taking on cases of this kind, avoiding those in which the reward appears to be tailored primarily to the lawyer. We believe in securing compensation for our clients and putting their best interests to the forefront of our concerns, not in depleting their recoveries by charging excessive fees. Our work has included representation of classes of producers and consumers as plaintiffs, and classes of retirees as defendants when their corporations cut their retirement benefits.

Our Class Action Experience

One of the most notable cases handled by our firm was a national class action that resulted in the second largest jury verdict of the year. After nearly six years of pretrial effort, hundreds of depositions, tens of thousands of exhibits and more than a million transactions that went into the preparation of economists, assembly of data, selection and preparation of witnesses and trial presentation, the result was a $1.26 billion jury verdict on behalf of a class of live cattle sellers alleging improper purchase practices by the largest meat packing company in the U.S.

Class actions are highly specialized proceedings brought by persons who seek to vindicate the rights of a large number of persons who share a common interest. Often, rights redressed in class actions are so basic that it would be impossible for a single class member to sue alone. DominaLaw Group has accepted several class actions. Working on our own and with other lawyers across the U.S., we have achieved stellar results on the part of the individuals and businesses we represented in these actions. Some examples of cases of this kind that we have taken on and won class certification in include:

  • Antitrust litigation against a major food processor.
  • Class action securities fraud litigation tried successfully to a multi-million dollar jury verdict.
  • A suit against the U.S. Forestry Service.
  • State court class certification against a major U.S. auto manufacturer for safety defects.

We work with others and also assume the lead role in class action suits.

Seeking Justice for Classes of Wronged Individuals and Companies

Class action lawsuits are important tools, streamlining litigation and providing results in cases that would otherwise be nearly impossible to litigate because of their massive numbers and modest individual claims. At DominaLaw Group, our trial lawyers recognize the important role that class action lawsuits play in our justice system. We realize that we can make a difference for consumers and companies alike by representing their interests against larger opponents who have tried to pull the wool over their eyes, cheat them out of their hard-earned money or cut corners in an attempt to boost profits. We will not stand for this. Contact our Omaha law offices to discuss your case during a free initial consultation.

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