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Nebraska Insurance Litigation Lawyer

Resolving Insurance Disputes for Policyholders

As policyholders, we pay high premiums for insurance coverage. In some cases, such as auto insurance, it is required by law. In other cases, we pay for coverage so we know that we and our families will be provided for in the event of an accident, injury or even our death. Some insurance companies, however, seem to do whatever they can to avoid paying claims. DominaLaw Group pc llo is committed to representing policyholders, claimants and beneficiaries who have run into difficulty in getting their claims paid in a timely manner. We handle delayed and denied claims and cases involving retroactively cancelled insurance policies (another tactic used by insurance companies to avoid paying claims.) Some of the types of insurance disputes our firm litigates include:

  • General and commercial liability claims
  • Construction defect claims
  • Homeowners' insurance claims
  • Health insurance claims
  • Disability claims
  • Life insurance policy benefit claims

Insurance litigation is complex. It requires an aggressive and strategic approach to ensure a client meets with the best possible result. Fortunately, our trial lawyers are different. At DominaLaw Group, our approach is unlike any other firm. There is nothing "cookie-cutter" about our firm, our attorneys and our legal representation. Handling insurance disputes across Nebraska and offering our experienced representation to support lawsuits against insurance providers across the U.S., we take each case on an individual basis. A fresh approach to every dispute and a complete understanding of the client's needs and goals helps us determine exactly what needs to be done to reach the desired result. We then pursue this in an unrelenting fashion.

The Anatomy of an Insurance Dispute

Most insurance disputes will arise from bad faith practices on the part of an insurance provider. Insurers have an obligation to policyholders to act in good faith when handling their claims, and this means that they should objectively investigate and pay claims. They should not go out of their way to try to find ways to delay or deny valid claims. They should not offer unfairly low settlements simply because they believe the policyholder or claimant does not know better than to accept. They should not pressure a claimant into accepting a settlement. Most insurance disputes involve too-low settlement offers, delays, outright denials and retroactively cancelled policies.

A dispute may begin with a policyholder refusing a settlement offer. It may not be immediately apparent to the policyholder that the offer is unfair, but in cases involving large claim amounts it is advisable to have an attorney review the offer to determine whether it is just. Negotiations may be attempted at the beginning, and even in some situations hiring an attorney can show the insurance company that the policyholder means business. Unfortunately, this does not always work and an insurer may be unwilling to cooperate. This is when it may be necessary to go to trial. Insurance litigation offers a way for a policyholder to seek fair compensation while shedding light on the very real problem of insurance companies treating policyholders in bad faith.

Litigating insurance disputes requires a willingness to go up against the largest insurance corporations in the country. These companies have considerable resources to investigate and litigate claims, often far greater than those available to our firm. This has not stopped us in the past, however, as is clearly shown by our case results. Founding partner David A. Domina has secured multi-million dollar verdicts in State and Federal Courts, against large, well-funded corporations with teams of attorneys to handle their legal matters. In the end, it is tenacity and attention to detail - not to mention being in the right - that wins cases, not money or the number of attorneys on the case.

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