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Partnership Dispute Litigation

Nebraska Business Litigation Lawyer

Business partnerships are built upon trust. They involve sensitive issues such as control and finances. They are further complicated by the fiduciary duty that each partner has to the company and other partner. For these reasons, some have compared business partnerships to marriages and partnership disputes to divorces. Business partners may even have the same emotional investment in a company as they would have put in a marriage, or even more in some cases, given the considerable amount of time and effort that is put into making a business venture succeed. When a dispute arises, it is necessary to retain the services of an attorney who will be able to take the right approach based on the current situation and the client's long-term objectives.

At DominaLaw Group pc llo, we understand just how complex a partnership dispute can be. We also recognize the impact it may have on all interested parties, not only financially but emotionally as well. Everything that you have worked so hard to achieve may be on the line. Your financial future may be at stake. Our business litigation attorneys represent clients in partnership disputes across Nebraska, addressing disputes stemming from such sources as:

  • Declines in partnership revenues
  • Disputes regarding the direction of the business
  • Disputes over profit distribution
  • Breach of contract issues
  • Disagreements stemming from poorly defined partnership agreements
  • Minority partners ousted by majority partners
  • Breach of fiduciary duty by a partner
  • Fraud, embezzlement or other wrongful conduct by a partner

In some cases, a dispute may actually be traced back to the formation of the partnership, if there is no agreement or if the existing contract did not clearly define duties, finances and control of each partner, including the relationship of the partners with one another. When partners share equal control of a company with a 50/50 split, this can be a source of particular dissent, as they may come to a deadlock on any of a number of issues.

Taking an Individual Approach to Your Dispute

Just as no two partnerships are the same, no two partnership disputes are identical. In litigating these matters, our attorneys recognize this. Our representation is therefore tailored to suit a client's particular needs and goals while addressing his or her primary concerns. Through the investigatory phase of the case, we will look for all pertinent evidence and information regarding the source of the dispute, including the partnership agreement (if any) that will influence how the matter should be handled. We will then prepare the case to be presented to 12 strangers in such a way as to clearly communicate our client's side of the story. Interested in learning more? Contact DominaLaw Group today.

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